Rossvale History

This Rossvale team was originally the 3rd team of all the Rossvale 99’s but now this season, 2013/14, Rossvale BC are recognized as the top Rossvale team having played ‘Rossvale Inter’, 5 times in the same division for the past 2 years, with Rossvale Boys Club winning three games, drawn once and losing once and at this moment being 16 points ahead of Inter in the League with 1 games remaining.

In 2007  the team first started was by two parents, Eddie and Hugo, because their boys and a few others were not picked for the other two teams. So they went on their own just to give them a game and as each year moved on they had more and more boys joining.Rossvale Boys Club Cup Winners Under 13 -  2011/12

This culminated in 2011/12 when Rossvale BC finished second behind Cabrain Sky by 2 points in the league and hey won their first major trophy, the James Bennett Memorial Cup, (against the 2011/12 Scottish Cup semi/finalists, Seafar Villa), The result finished 2.0.  This game proved to be Rossvale’s Captain’s last game as he was then snapped up by Celtic.

The following year 2012/13 there were a number of high quality teams joining the league, including, Milton, Hamilton Accies, Kilsyth Athletic, Rosebank United, (who later folded), Falkirk White and the other Rossvale team, Rossvale Inter.  During this very hard season Rossvale BC team reached 3 semi/finals, including the Regional Cup and finished just under mid-table.
Rossvale coaches decided to bring in more boys of a quality that could keep up with the leagues high standard.

So with new players on toe, Rossvale entered and won the 2013 pre season ‘Tullibody Tournament’ which normally has 6 teams usually from the Forth league and the Fife league. After winning the Tournament in pre season, Rossvale went onto become the 2013/2014 LEAGUE CUP CHAMPIONS, having defeated Cumbernauld Colts at their own park, Broadwood Stadium, on penalties after extra time. On the same year, Rossvale reached the last 16 of the Scottish Cup, further then any ’99’ Rossvale team has reached and Rossvale also finished 5th in the league to cap of a fine season.

The 2013/14 Cumbernauld and Kilsyth Under 15 league is a league that has produced 4 teams in the last 16 of the Scottish Cup, including Rossvale.  The league also produced the Scottish Cup Winners, (Hamilton Accies) and the Regional Cup Winners, (Kilsyth Athletic). The 3 domestic cups have 3 different winners, Kilsyth, Hamilton and ourselves, Rossvale BC. This tells you that the standard of the league which has two divisions is one of the best in Scotland.Rossvale under 15s - 99s League Cup Champions

Rossvale BC are known as a technical team, this gives the boys an advantage of learning to adapt to different formations and an understanding of the game as a whole. While still learning technical football, we adopt a game where they are encouraged to show and use their skillset during games.  This gives the boys a chance to stimulate and progress their level of football.  There is a great togetherness amongst the boys and it shows as they all fight for each other during games.

Over the years the Rossvale team has grown from strength to strength with scouts visiting the games and the players progressing by being signed by teams including Celtic. It’s a far cry from the team that was started by two parents who took the players who were not chosen out of the other 2 squads and thus formed a team. The idea at the time was just really to get them all a game.

Now however, Rossvale BC have progressed and flourished and now are a very strong team with the aid of an experienced coaching team. Whatever level the Rossvale youth players eventually reach, the staff know that the boys are receiving a high standard of training and football that most young players could only desire.

As the standard of the League in which Rossvale 99’s play in, Cumbernauld and Kilsyth, it is now one of the top 99’s leagues in Scotland. The league is the perfect place for Rossvale and their players to develop.